Mecha Storm


mecha storm story

The War has started. Two biggest factions in our Galaxy prepared for it for years,
building deadly Mechs and enormous Spaceships to take down their enemies.
Now it’s up to you to decide which side you will support and who will win over the Galaxy.


  • Campaign

    50 action-packed stages on 5 different planets in exciting single-player mode!
    Destroy enemies and learn to master abilities of all your Mechs!

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  • Fight against other players in Multiplayer

    Various online game modes, including Faction War: full-scale warfare across the Galaxy,
    where players conquer planets and earn resources. Join the fight today!

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Scout is a ranged unit that inflicts average damage and has low defense.
It’s great to take out enemies from a distance with dead-eye precision.

  • scout1
  • scout2
  • scout3
  • scout4
  • scout5
  • scout6
  • scout7
  • scout8
  • scout9
  • scout10
  • scout11

Excelling in close combat, Brawlers deal very high damage to single targets.
They have a light armor that gives them the ability to move freely and attack enemies with fast-paced attacks.

  • brawler1
  • brawler2
  • brawler3
  • brawler4
  • brawler5
  • brawler6
  • brawler7
  • brawler8
  • brawler9
  • brawler10

Guardians are heavy, well-protected units that can take a lot of damage during a battle and last for hours.
Their heavy armor comes with a price, though: they have slower attacks than other classes and deal less damage.

  • guardian1
  • guardian2
  • guardian3
  • guardian4
  • guardian5
  • guardian6
  • guardian7
  • guardian8
  • guardian9
  • guardian10
  • guardian11