Mecha Storm



mecha sotrm story

The War has started. Two biggest factions in our Galaxy prepared for it for years,
building deadly Mechs and enormous Spaceships to take down their enemies.
Now it’s up to you to decide which side you will support and who will win over the Galaxy.


  • Campaigns

    50 stages spread across 5 planets!
    Protect all 5 planets, Earth, Pontus, Alle, Opion, and Vulcan!
    Mastering the fighting styles of the robots will be the deciding factor for life or death!

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  • unit types and skills begin operations
    with 3 different unit types!

    Become a strategic leader by organizing your unit types and
    equipping skills before entering battle at each stage.

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Dealing average damage and protected with low defence armor, strikers deal ranged damage.
This type of unit is amazing in the taking out fixed targets or holding off a distanced horde of enemies.

  • scout1
  • scout2
  • scout3
  • scout4
  • scout5
  • scout6
  • scout7
  • scout8
  • scout9
  • scout10
  • scout11

Excelling in close combar, Brawlers deal spectacutar damage to the enemy.
Their armor is light to let them move freely and slash through the surrounding hordes like though warm butter.

  • brawler1
  • brawler2
  • brawler3
  • brawler4
  • brawler5
  • brawler6
  • brawler7
  • brawler8
  • brawler9
  • brawler10

Heavy, well-protected and sturdy, Guardian does not deal heavy damage,
but can sustain pressure from enemies for a prolonged amount of time.

  • guardian1
  • guardian2
  • guardian3
  • guardian4
  • guardian5
  • guardian6
  • guardian7
  • guardian8
  • guardian9
  • guardian10
  • guardian11